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Trail Report December 29, 2010


On the morning of December 29, my daughter and I spent a little over two hours walking on the second section of the trail on a brisk but sunny day, with temperatures ranging from 32 to 45 degrees. Activity was slow to start, but picked up as the temperatures began to rise.
We saw lots of wintering White-throated Sparrows (thirty), two Black-and-White Warblers, two Hermit Thrushes, four Wood Ducks, and heard lots of Cardinals and Carolina Wrens, as well as Bluebirds, Golden-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Phoebes, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, Titmice, Red-bellied Woodpeckers and four Purple Finches. There was an armadillo feeding on the lawn in front of the Visitors Center.
Carroll Richard


  Trail Walks and Reports

NOVEMBER 15, 2013

On the morning of November 15, my daughter and I spent about two hours walking the second section of the trail. It was cloudy and the temperature ranged from 54 to 61 degrees. We heard more birds than we saw. The Ruby-crowned Kinglets have arrived in great numbers and we heard them calling during our entire walk. A Junco (snowbird) greeted us at the entrance. It was good to see that the Kingfisher that has been spending the winters on the trail had once again arrived at the long bridge, where there was still some water.

The Cypress trees and others have changed colors and fallen leaves were floating in the water. It was a pretty sight.


October 10, 2014

On the morning of October 10 my daughter and I spent about an hour and a half walking on the second section of the trail. The weather was a pleasant 70 to 79 degrees.

Migration is mostly over, but we did see a number of American Redstarts and a Black-and-White Warbler that could either be here for the winter or moving farther South as the weather cools down.

Red-bellied Woodpeckers, Northern Cardinals and American Crows were plentiful. We heard a Pileated Woodpecker and saw a Great Blue Heron and both species of vultures.

Turtles were in the water beneath the long bridge.


Submitted by Carroll Richard.




January 17, 2014


On a brisk morning, with temperatures ranging from 45 to 55 degrees, my daughter and I spent about two hours walking about two miles on the first section of the trail.  It was quiet at first but as it started to warm up the birds began to sing and move around.  We heard and saw numerous Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Ruby-crowned Kinglets.  Carolina Wrens and Titmice were also calling out.  The resident Red-shouldered Hawk let it be known that he was in the area.  Crows and Turkey Vultures were flying overhead.  We also saw cardinals, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Golden-crowned Kinglets, a Downy Woodpecker, a phoebe, a Great Blue Heron, a Blue-headed Vireo and a White-breasted Nuthatch.

The water was flowing freely in Brier Creek, known locally as Crooked Gut, and we were surprised to see that it was so high.  When we drove down to the river later, it was flooded.  It was great to see the new Wood Duck boxes and it will be interesting to see if we get any tenants.

Carroll Richard




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